Case Studies

Leadership’s Role in Effectuating a Behaviorial Health Program

Any organizational program’s success requires top-down leadership action to transform words on a page into positive and effective sustained actions on the ground. 

In 2019, Kellie O’Dare PhD created the Second Alarm project ( offering behavioral health resources to all firefighters in north Florida counties to help them cope with the consequences of their repeated exposure to trauma.  Funded by a federal grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the program’s scope was eventually expanded to cover law enforcement officers and other first responder agencies, as well as some Florida state agencies.

One of the program’s four key pillars is “Leadership and Executive Coaching” to educate leaders about their essential role in supporting the program and in reducing the stigma preventing first responders from seeking help.  Readiness2Lead (R2L) was chosen to develop and deliver this key presentation. To date, R2L has conducted 14 facilitated leadership sessions for firefighter, EMS, dispatcher, and law enforcement agencies in support of the 2nd Alarm Project.

The topics selected were based on a survey of these agencies and address topics such as Barriers to Care, Organizational Culture, Individual and Departmental Actions, Leader’s Obligations, Organizational Benefits, Behavioral Health Policy Development in Support of Organizational Goals, and Implementation

A dynamic, engaging “talk with” rather than “talk to” presentation, R2L has received critical acclaim for the benefits provided to executive and mid-level leaders in their roles as change makers—transforming inspiring words into substantive actions.

What Our Clients Say:

“A great event. I think it would benefit the upper management as well as future leaders.”

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