Our Services

Our services are designed to meet your unique needs. R2L specializes in leadership development, Executive coaching, employee behavioral health , and IAW customized FEMA ICS preparing for and managing crisis and disaster situations (e.g. DSNAP).  Team members are also available to speak on a variety of topics at conferences and meetings focused on senior leaders who encounter the difficult challenges of leading complex organizations.


Is your organization structured to meet the needs of your clients in a complex and ever-changing world?

Our team helps you by:

  • Examining whether your organizational structure is aligned to meet your mission requirements
  • Strengthening leaders’ capability to influence organizational culture and understand/communicate among the different generations  to maximize performance and develop future leaders.
  • In coordination with clients, determining areas of leadership and staff organizational growth opportunities and recommending changes necessary for your organization to meet today’s complex challenges.


Are your senior and mid-level leaders ensuring that personnel needs, including behavioral health and resiliency programs, are met while accomplishing the mission ?

Our team helps you by:

  • Facilitating team and stakeholder leadership discussions on “the way ahead” (i.e. goals) based upon our organizational assessment and analysis, including focus on:
    • Alignment of Director/CEO’s guidance to planning/execution efforts from the strategic to tactical level
    • Individual and organizational performance assessment
    • Leadership’s role in instantiating employee behavioral health programs
    • On site follow-up training and mentoring (as required) in achievement of organizational goals