Guiding public and private sector organizations and their stakeholders

in building the leadership and organizational capacity

to effectively meet mission requirements while serving the needs of their personnel

Our services are designed to meet your unique needs. R2L specializes in leadership and professional development training, Executive coaching, leadership guidance to effectuate employee behavioral health programs and training in formulating, writing, and implementing Strategic/operational/tactical plans. Team members are also available to speak on a variety of topics at conferences and meetings focused on senior leaders who encounter the difficult challenges of leading complex organizations.

How We Help


Is your organization structured to meet the needs of your clients in a complex and ever-changing world?

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Are your senior leaders ensuring that personnel needs, including behavioral health and resiliency programs, are met ?

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Our Team

The Readiness2Lead team is comprised of individuals with decades of experience leading complex organizations often under intense pressure during challenging times.

case study

Leadership’s Role in Effectuating a Behaviorial Health Program

Any organizational program’s success requires top-down leadership action to transform words on a page into positive and effective sustained actions on the ground. In 2019, Kellie O’Dare PhD created the Second Alarm project offering behavioral health resources to all firefighters in north Florida counties to help them cope with the consequences of their repeated exposure to trauma. […]

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What Our Clients Say:

“Good instructors with great backgrounds.”

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